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What is Daoyin Tao?

First of all – how do you pronounce it? It’s DOW YIN TOW with TOW as in TOWn. “This treatment is truly unique to the recipient as it offers an

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Cherry recipes from Country Practice Faversham

All hail the fabulous cherry!

Why cherries are good for you Cherries are a fabulous fruit.  Low in calories, full of fibre, packed full of vitamins and minerals and all sorts of other ‘good for

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Advice on using sunscreen from Country Practice

Let’s talk sunscreen

When to apply sun lotion? You should be using sun lotion all year round.  It reduces the risk of skin cancer.  It protects your skin from becoming photosensitive, which causes

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About ear candles

Or as we call it –  thermo-auricular therapy A bit of history The ancient Chinese called the ear ‘Little Man’ because the ear looks like a foetus and around and

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Chocolate face mask recipes from Country Practice at Brogdale

Chocolate Face Masks

Why is chocolate so good for your skin?   Chocolate face masks can be effective if you have an oily skin.  Cocoa and honey are strong antioxidants, reducing free radicals that

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Women are amazing!

Women are amazing.  We are multi-tasking, multi-functional, learn how to adapt and survive numerous situations, and remain throughout nurturing and caring, thoughtful and kind.   Some women are driven to force

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De-tangling Christmas!

Top tips from Country Practice’s Jane Clark on how to enjoy a stress-free Christmas.   Basically, plan ahead, delegate and enjoy! Read on for more details! Those of you who know

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Self Love

Jane from Country Practice talks about self-love and how it isn’t something to be ashamed of.   Self-love does not make you a selfish person Why is it that taking care

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Your gut – the unsung hero

Your gut – the unsung hero  The gut is something else that works very hard and is taken for granted. It plays tricks to try and get your attention. It

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Gut friendly recipes  

This time of year is perfect for enjoying soups! You can use local, seasonal, earthy ingredients for warming and healthy dishes. Following our theme of taking care of your gut,

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