What is Daoyin Tao?

July 25th, 2023 Posted In: Therapies

First of all – how do you pronounce it? It’s DOW YIN TOW with TOW as in TOWn.

“This treatment is truly unique to the recipient as it offers an ‘unrivalled opportunity to easily experience a state of deep self-healing relaxation through its rhythmical ‘heartbeat-like’ flowing techniques.”

Anna-Louise Haigh 2005

Brief history

The practice of Daoyin has a history extending over 4,000.  It is less known than its followers, T’ai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu – Daoyin being the original form of standing exercises involving movement and breathing from which these other practices were born.

After eight years of development, Daoyin Tao was accredited and validated as a new form of complementary therapy, actually ‘acu-therapy’ as it follows the time-honoured approaches of acupuncture.

About Daoyin Tao

Daoyin Tao does not involve the use of needles, rather the fusion of softened and adapted Oriental and modern western stylised massage techniques.  These are harmoniously blended to create a widely applicable therapy that uses the accepted energy system of meridians and acupoints to restore balance within the body through releasing trapped and stagnant energy.

Why you should give Daoyin Tao a try

This treatment is deeply relaxing.  Not only are the head, face, neck and shoulders worked on, but as they are, ripples of relaxation travel throughout the whole body.  This is a treatment to be experienced rather than explained.  Clients who do experience this treatment report and comment on the deep sense of well-being, restored health and serenity which they carry with them long after treatment.

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