Our facial treatments consider the underlying structures and attachments, can help cell renewal, facial drainage, and skincare. They are all deeply relaxing, leaving you feeling as if you are floating.

Facials - Price List

Ayurvedic Facial

Using Marma point mapping to massage the face, neck and head. Dosha specific oil blends bring about a feeling of calm. Deeply relaxing and restorative. Includes the use of hot and cold stones and a foot massage.


Holistic Facial

Deeply relaxing. Carefully considered products (cosmeceutical and organic), pure essential oils, hot stones. Can reduce puffiness and freshen the face. Includes shoulders, décolleté/chest.


Holistic Gua Sha Facial

Rose Quartz and Jade Gua Sha, cold marble stones, essential oils combined with the therapist’s hands, create this facial experience. Includes foot massage.


Microdermabrasion Facial

A deeply relaxing treatment that achieves excellent results. By gently removing the layers of dead skin cell debris, the skin is refreshed, and cell renewal encouraged. Natural moisturising factors within the skin are stimulated and the beautiful, cosmeceutical products are the finishing touch for a healthy, radiant complexion.


Natural Lift Facial

Beautiful movements, working with the body’s own resources, to encourage natural facial rejuvenation. Can reduce puffiness and help create a more sculptured appearance. Includes the use of hot and cold stones.


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