Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies at Country Practice

At Country Practice, our holistic therapies can be combined to meet the specific needs of our clients.  We always take the time to talk to our clients and explore the treatments that would benefit them most.

Holistic Therapies - Price List


Very gentle treatment. Deeply relaxing.


Back Stress Buster

45 minute back stress buster with hot stones.


Daoyin Tao

A sublime facial treatment that uses the ancient Tao acupoint map believed to encourage the whole body to balance itself. Face, neck, head and shoulders are included in this treatment, which can encourage relaxation at the deepest level.



Emotional Freedom Technique – a natural way to help yourself.


Full Body Massage with Hot Stones

The warmth of the stones & fluid hand movements, create a deeply relaxing treatment.


Head Neck and Shoulders

Concentrating on this area, this is a treatment designed to alleviate the stresses and strains of the shoulders and neck.


Indian Head Massage

Not only the head. The top of the back, shoulders, neck & face too. Deeply relaxing.



Reflexologists see the feet as a microcosm of the whole body. Balancing. Deeply relaxing.



A fully clothed treatment that can relieve stress & tension. Safe, simple & effective. Very relaxing.


Stress Buster without Hot Stones

A deep back massage that includes décolleté/chest, face & scalp massage. Adapted to your needs.


Serious Stress-Buster with Hot Stones

A deep back massage with hands and hot stones. Includes décolleté/chest, face & scalp massage. Adapted to your needs.


Thai Foot Massage

Similar to Reflexology but with more manipulation of the foot & work on the lower leg. Relaxing & uplifting.


Therapeutic Massage

A full body massage, adapted to your needs on the day.


Thermo-Auricular Therapy

Not just ear candles. Décolleté/chest, face & scalp massage with or without hot stones can help sinus drainage, clearing and balancing the ears, reduce puffiness & bring a sense of deep relaxation.



A safe and natural approach to bring about change.


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My husband and I would absolutely recommend Country Practice.
Firstly we felt very safe - the salon is spotlessly clean, tranquil and relaxing. As are the treatments.
My husband had a serious stress buster massage with hot stones, I had Reiki.
Both our therapists were wonderful, calm, attentive and they certainly know what they are doing.
Magical hands, we floated home.

Lisa P