Self Love

November 25th, 2022 Posted In: Wellbeing

Jane from Country Practice talks about self-love and how it isn’t something to be ashamed of.  

Self-love does not make you a selfish person

Why is it that taking care of oneself is deemed to be a vanity, and possibly an indication of selfishness? Also, when we do look and feel good, why do we need to be self-deprecating when given a compliment?  

Highs and lows are a natural part of our lives, so enjoying the periods when things go along smoothly should be acknowledged and enjoyed. 

Self-love does not make you a selfish person. It doesn’t mean that you lack empathy, or are unaware of those who are struggling.  

Giving yourself time, nurture, understanding and kindness means that there is more of you to go around. You will be fresh, balanced, focused and more able to give the time and energy to those that need it. 

Are you a ‘doer’?  ‘fixer’?  The one other people automatically turn to?  That’s wonderful, but do you take time to think about yourself?  

Those of you who read my jottings will know that I advocate taking care of hair, skin and nails not as a vanity, but as part of the toolbox for life. Taking care of these basics makes you stop, if only for a little while. This is self-love, appreciating that most unique and fantastic, you. 

More information

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