About ear candles

June 13th, 2023 Posted In: Therapies, Wellbeing

Or as we call it –  thermo-auricular therapy

A bit of history

The ancient Chinese called the ear ‘Little Man’ because the ear looks like a foetus and around and within it are acupoints that relate to organs and systems of the body.

Throughout history, implements have been used for ear health, from shells, to pinecones, ear picks and ear spoons to the candles as we know them now.

How it works

Ears need wax.  Wax not only prevents dirt and debris from travelling too far into the ear, but it also helps to conduct vibrations so that we may hear.

The candles we use are high quality, made from flax, honey, beeswax, beta-carotene, chamomile, sage, and St John’s Wort.  There is a filter that collects the ‘product’ during the treatment process.

The end of the lighted candle is placed gently into the ear canal.  All you will hear is the occasional pop or crackle, and you will feel warmth.  The whole experience is soporific, you will be lulled into a quiet, peaceful state as the candles do their work, or rather candle as only one ear at a time is worked on.

There are three phases to this treatment, the first when the flame on the candle burns off oxygen within the ear.  This exerts slight pressure on the eardrum and deposits the herbal condensate in the auditory canal.

The second phase is the change of pressure conditions and introduction of mild warmth within the ear canal because of it.

Phase three is when the change of conditions accelerates, creating a vortex action resulting in the ear canal being massaged by the action of the herbal condensate and gentle lifting of wax and debris out of the ear canal and into the candle filter.

What’s thermo-auricular therapy good for?

None of these actions can be felt.  This treatment is deeply relaxing and calming and can help with sinusitis, rhinitis, colds, excessive wax, catarrh, pressure regulation.

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