De-tangling Christmas!

December 2nd, 2022 Posted In: Wellbeing

Top tips from Country Practice’s Jane Clark on how to enjoy a stress-free Christmas.   Basically, plan ahead, delegate and enjoy!

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Those of you who know me from my blogs will be aware of my love of a good list.  This simple companion is the greatest of friends, especially when catering for the festive period.  Lists set boundaries and these create calm for oneself, even if they can sometimes upset others, but that is just the way of things, so it doesn’t do to overthink this.

Getting ready for Christmas

So, for the person who is the main organiser for Christmas, here is my list for creating a stress-free time:

  • Think about what is enjoyable for you and realistic to prepare. This includes the food and the home.
  • List – who is arriving, when, what is required for their visit, why they are with you, and how they are going to fit in with your Christmas?  *Please note, you will be doing your best to make anyone who visits have a pleasant and memorable time for all the right reasons.  But….it is a two-way thing, your guests need to ‘fit’. Remember you are really not obliged to invite anyone who is going to put a damper on things. ‘Duty’ can be attended to at other times, don’t put yourself under pressure at Christmas.
  • Purchasing ahead in every area of your Christmas saves time, money, energy.  Be satisfied with your choices and avoid thinking that you should add another ‘little something’.  This is confusing and causes unnecessary discombobulation and stress.
  • Cook and freeze ahead wherever possible.  Wrap presents ahead, just leave the fancy bits-n-bobs to closer to the actual day of giving. 
  • Linen – bed, table, bathroom and anywhere else it is likely to be used, have it ready in time, fresh and ironed and not touched until actually required.  Same goes for cutlery and crockery, drinking glasses, a quick check will ensure there’s enough.  Chairs too.  If some need bringing in from the shed or down from the loft, do this early on.
  • If you know there are things in your home that you would rather not be left out while guests are there, remove them.  Pack them up and put them away.  It just makes things so simple.
  • Do people have any special requirements? Any at all?  Should you have a few snuggly covers ready for the chilly mortals?  Soap, shampoo, steps to help reach things/places, shower caps, toothbrushes?  All the paraphernalia of everyday life that we take for granted and are a disaster if forgotten.  I’m not suggesting you turn into a mini mart, but it is nice to have spares ‘just in case’ and it could make someone’s Christmas complete.
  • Be clear – about everything.  None of this lunch will be ‘around 1.30’ or ‘ready when you get here’ – boundaries!  Say when you would like people to arrive and have a gentle timetable in place.  Chaos in the kitchen is not pretty.
  • Delegate.  Think of things in advance that can be handed to other people.  Pick your people too – ask those you are confident will come up with the goods.
  • Be content with what you can do.  Whatever you do it really is already enough.  You are not in competition with anyone else, this is your Christmas and should be an occasion you too can enjoy.
  • Christmas is a time to reflect, to find peace and spread some happiness.  By planning and listing and sticking to both, you, as the main organiser, enable yourself to have a good time too.

Happy stress-free Christmas!!

Gift ideas

For stress-free Christmas shopping – take a look at our gift voucher page. They’re a fabulous Christmas gift idea for friends and family.  That’s another thing ticked off your list!

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