Older ladies, don’t be shy!

November 17th, 2022 Posted In: Beauty, Wellbeing

You’re getting on a bit – so what!

Jane from Country Practice writes about how age affects perception, self-confidence and body image. The ageing process is natural and will happen to all of us.  This blog aims to teach you to embrace these changes, whilst taking care of your body.

Ageing is natural!

As we age, we change. Nobody can escape the ageing process and let’s face it, from conception to the very end, we are ageing.

When I was a child, I saw my parents as ‘old’, whereas now I see parents of young children as being young themselves. Age perception distorts how we view people.

It also distorts how we view ourselves and this can lead to a lack of confidence, not over everything, but often over body image.

Let’s think about a few things, just to get started:


Hair can thin as we age.  Ladies, there are talented hairdressers with amazing skills and products that can help your hair to look thicker and styled in a flattering way. Gentlemen, visit a really good barber. With their skill and knowledge, they can help with any hair transition you can imagine.


Skin cannot be as it was several decades ago, but it can look cared for, and this is a confidence booster. Again, there are talented therapists, passionate about what they do, knowledgeable about how modern products work, that can help. Skincare is just that, caring about the skin. Beyond that there are also electrical and mechanical treatments that tone and refresh without the need of Botox or fillers. Of course, if you want Botox and fillers, go for it.  But there comes an age when it is better to work with what you have – and it is NEVER too late for that! I know ladies are more clued up about such things, but gentlemen, if you’ve not tried facials and skincare, please do! You really will appreciate the difference.


Nails are noticed. If you have ageing hands or arthritis, please don’t be put off having manicures. You’ll feel good, your hands will thank you, and really, should you care what others think? Your hands have worked hard, reward them. And your therapist? I cannot stress enough that your therapist will be over the moon to get her hands on yours.


So too have your feet worked hard, and as we age it becomes even more important to take care of them. No therapist will be concerned if your nails have become horny or you have ridges of dry skin. They will be glad of the challenge and delighted to see your feet happy and comfortable.


Baggy and saggy bits – your body has had a journey. Every day and night it has been working in one way or another to support your very existence. No matter what you’ve thrown at it, it has done its best; that’s life.

Please don’t be shy of the ageing body. It is going to happen. Skin is going to look crepey and muscles slacken. This should not stop you from getting into a swimming costume, wearing clothes that give you a lift, or enjoying a cuddle.

Just as we ladies go through the menopause, gentlemen too have things to come to grips with. Men face baldness, erectile dysfunction, and perhaps impotence either through ageing or prostate problems. Their skin wrinkles too, and their noses and ears can get bigger. They sprout hair in places they’d rather not and arthritis shows no mercy.

The whole component that is your body, male or female, needs nurture. Nurturing the body also nurtures the emotions, that automatically become uplifted by the very act involving self-nurture.

So, if you are ‘of a certain age’, perhaps think about strutting your stuff in your own unique way. Rediscover your style. Find your special vibe. You’ve done a lot and there’s still so much to experience. Try new things – be spontaneous! Better still shock the children and neighbours – go for gold!

Can we help?

At Country Practice we can help get your body and consequently, your self-confidence back on track. Whether that’s a simple facial, or a hypnotherapy session to change behavioural habits and mindsets. Give our friendly team a call on 01795 533666 to discuss what treatment will benefit you most.