Importance of a good skincare routine

July 15th, 2022 Posted In: Wellbeing

The importance of a good skincare routine

By Jane Clark of Country Practice

Beauty, at any age, is not about bone structure and genes alone, it is about methodical care and attention to your skin.  Evaluating each decade, embracing it and working with your skin’s natural cycles, will give you uplift and confidence.  As you appreciate that you are truly unique – you do not have to look like or be like anyone else as you become literally comfortable in your own skin.

The first thing that people see about you is your face, and in just a couple of seconds they have made an assessment about you.

You know this, and you know how rubbish you feel when your skin misbehaves.  It can affect how you feel about yourself and have a knock-on effect throughout the day.

Serious, ongoing problems involving bacteria or viral infections may require antibiotics or a trip to a dermatologist, but generally speaking regular, good skincare should keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Women’s skin is subject to attack in many ways – all the normal culprits of environment, smoking, caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, worrying, anxiety, poor health – with the bonus of hormone activity!  There is not a stage of our lives when we are not held to ransom by them in one way or another, so skincare is an ongoing project – actually let’s be honest, it is a life’s work.

So how can we help ourselves?

  • Keep it simple
  • Use the best products you can afford
  • Keep it up

Daily routine

Daily, you need to cleanse your face and give your skin nourishment.

Morning:  Cleanse!  During the night your skin has expelled all sorts of rubbish and this needs to be gently cleansed away.  You can’t see it, but believe me, it is there.

Gently pat your face to ‘nearly dry’ then add your moisture product.  It will be more readily absorbed by clean skin that is slightly moist.

Leave it for at least 10 minutes before you apply make-up.

Middle of the day:  Spritz.  Effective spritz products contain glycerine.  Glycerine grabs moisture from the air, so even when the initial moisture burst has evaporated, the glycerine keeps working drawing moisture particles in from the atmosphere.

End of the day: Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.  Yes – three cleanses!  The first will start the process of removing make-up, or if you don’t, dirt particles.  The second improves on the first and the third ensures that debris and dirt have been removed.  Unless you cleanse effectively you are wasting your money on products, because they cannot work unless the skin is clean.

This routine is simple, cost effective and efficient, and if carried out regularly will give your skin all it needs to feel comfortable and look cared for.

A word about:

Exfoliating:  You do not need to do this every day.  Once a week is ample and better still, don’t, ideally this should be done by a therapist.

Micellar water: These may be used as the first evening cleanse, but you would be better off not using these products.  A good cleanser is worth its weight in gold, and in my opinion, Micellar water is an unnecessary expense.

Face Cloths:  I call these flannels, and they are not muslin!  A flannel is fabulous, helping to gently remove the cleansing product and debris from the skin.  Investing in 7 gives you a clean one every day.  Using a clean one every day prevents bacteria spread.

Showers: Never, never, ever put your face under the shower.  Showering dries the skin on the body and ravages it on the face.  If you get shampoo or shower products on your face, please cleanse it off as your face and neck do not need the ingredients they contain.

Facial Treatments:  These treatments should not be regarded as a treat.  Your face goes through a lot, and everything shows on it in one way or another.  Facial treatments are both good for your skin and relaxing for you.  They can imbue a sense of wellbeing as the combination of products and the therapist’s skill encourage your senses to appreciate the nurturing you are receiving.

At Country Practice, we offer a wide range of facials that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

You can find more information on our treatments page.