Biodynamics – how everything is connected

October 7th, 2022 Posted In: Wellbeing

The importance of connecting with nature

By Jane Clark from Country Practice

I offer a treatment called Daoyin Tao® that is based on the philosophy that elements in our lives can nurture or control each other.  The points used to perform this treatment are acupoints that, in acupuncture, will be pierced with a fine needle.  However, in Daoyin Tao they are gently worked on with my fingertips.

When studying Daoyin Tao, I was grasped with an almost fanatical desire to learn more.  The idea that our physical bodies are so connected to nature, our moods to the phases of the moon and sun, our emotions interconnected with environment and time fascinated me. I just couldn’t get enough of it because, to me, everything suddenly started to fit together in its own logic.

We all know that constant rain with grey sky overhead can be uninspiring to say the least.  There is a general understanding that some people really do suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), where low mood can affect everyday life.  But do we spend much time considering why we may be reacting and behaving in certain ways in our general life?  Probably not, as we are too busy getting on with it!

Looking at connections

I’d like to look at connections and maybe some simple ways to create physiological, emotional and spiritual balance that can be carried into the various areas of our life.  These are ‘tweaks’ to thinking and doing that can ignite positive change, even where we thought none was necessary.

Do these blogs help?

In a way, I am throwing out a challenge, and would love to hear back from you.  Firstly, about those things you have changed after reading my blogs.  Have you tried opening cookbooks?  Are you drinking more water?  Do you go for gentle walks at least three times a week?  Lists – do they now feature in your everyday life?  Is time for you a priority?  Are skincare regimes now your normal?  Can you smile into a mirror and tell yourself that ‘you’re alright!

I’d love to hear how my blogs have inspired you to make changes, whether there has been benefit of some sort.

Season of change

September and October are months of transition, a time for harvesting then preparing the ground for rest before new crops go in.  Animals are storing whatever they may need to keep them going during the cold, winter months.  We are also preparing, even if it is my mentally noting the occasions that occur during the winter months that act as time landmark occasions like bonfire night and Christmas.

Connecting with nature

What I would like to encourage and engage with is the connection between us and nature.  To engage with the Earth upon which we live and how we can reconnect through everyday action and thought to create a calmer, more balanced and satisfying lifestyle.  If lockdown taught us nothing else, it had to have demonstrated that we do not need half the things we thought we did and that when we as humans become quiet and still. Nature responds and replenishes.

Biodynamic means using own resources – in growing and farming it literally means using what is available during the seasons and using that to continue to grow and develop.  It is different to organic, where outside resources can be purchased to grow and develop.

Setting a challenge

I have decided to set myself a challenge, the successes and failures of which, I will share with you.

In the period between now and Christmas, I am going to look at things in a different way, a biodynamic way, and I will let you know how I get on.  I may even ask for help and if I do, please respond with your own discoveries as I would love to share ideas.

To find out more about Daoyin Tao check out our treatment page here.