Holistic Therapies



Very gentle, using essential plant oils individually blended to suit each client



Personalised therapy using precise reflex points on the feet relating to the systems and organs of the body


Therapeutic Massage

Full body massage adapted to the needs of the client on the day


Full Body Massage with Hot Stones

A sublime full body treatment using hot stones


Holistic Facial with Hot Stones

Using the relaxing hot stone treatment to perform a truly sublime facial


Remedial massage

A vigorous full body massage


Sports Massage

Designed to support the body during training or prior to an event and to help with injury management and post event de-toxing


Serious Stress-Buster

Penetrating movements work to relieve muscle tension


Serious Stress-Buster with Hot Stones

A deep massage using hands and stones, an experience not to be missed


Daoyin Tao

An incredible and unique experience, acupuncture without the needles. Just finger movements on the main organ acupoints


Cellulite Massage

Assist with the melting away of stubborn cellulite


Thermo-Auricular Therapy

Helps drain the sinuses, clear the ears and ease headaches. Ear candles follow a gentle neck and face massage

£20 each

Gentle Spinal Touch

Gentle non-manipulative treatment helps the body to return to its own centre of gravity - recommended course of 6


Indian Head Massage

Relaxing massaging working not only the head but also the top of the back, shoulders, neck and face. Deeply relaxing


Head Neck and Shoulders

Concentrating on this area, this is a treatment designed to alleviate the stresses and strains of the shoulders and neck.



A fully-clothed treatment. This treatment can relieve stress and tension. Safe, simple and effective.