Country Practice Qualifications

November 25th, 2022 Posted In: Uncategorised

Jane from Country Practice speaks about the team’s work experience, quality of care, and commitment to learning.

The importance of developing our skills

We all came into our work at Country Practice because we had developed an interest in the concept of the holistic approach to wellbeing.

Holistic treatments and practices have evolved as each generation gained knowledge and passed on information to enable greater efficacy of practices and techniques. Today treatments are regulated, controlled and overseen by authorities who set standards to keep people safe.

Keen to learn

At Country Practice, we never take what we do for granted. We are always learning, researching, and developing our skills so that we can keep up to date with our thinking and working practices.  This ensures we are constantly delivering the best quality of treatment to our clients. We even take examinations so that we are constantly on our toes and keeping things fresh.  Within our team, is all about building confidence, so that you enjoy being the best version of yourself.

This approach has recently enabled us to bring some aesthetic treatments into our work and next year we will be bringing in more. Our training has enabled us to offer two mechanical and electrical approaches that focus on skincare and facial muscle toning.  Both have multi-functions that help us to create prescriptive facial treatments.  Click here for more details.

Next year we will be introducing micro needling. Considering every aspect of the things we introduce into our work means that we can offer an interesting range of treatments while keeping to our ethos of exceptional treatments at reasonable prices.

Our approach to our therapies is holistic. The therapies are in essence holistic, whether based on ancient beliefs or modern approaches and we are always happy to answer questions relative to the work we do.

Further information

If you have any questions about our practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our social media pages or over the phone at 01795 533666.