The importance of self-empowerment

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The importance of self-empowerment

Jane from Country Practice talks about self-empowerment and how to achieve it with help from Country Practice.

Self-empowerment. It doesn’t have to be loud and brash. Better to work quietly on what you want to achieve and step by step attain it.

Keeping what you are doing private is part of self-empowerment. You don’t need others’ approval or opinion if you are dedicated to your own personal goal(s).

It is only you who can bring about the changes you want; only you can drive them.

Tools for achieving self-empowerment

That is what is great about face yoga and EFT. Once you have learnt how to use these helpful techniques, they become additions to your toolbox for life that you can dip into as and when you feel you would like to use them.

Country Practice also offers djembe workshops, where you can let yourself go, and revel in the delight of making noise, getting in touch with your rhythm, laughing, and rejoicing in the sheer joy of it.

If you would like more information, please call 01795 533666 or email for details.

Face Yoga

Using breathwork, body and facial muscle exercises is not only calming, but also engenders a sense of balance and peace. Facial muscles are not generally thought about, but they are there, and just like the muscles of the body, they benefit from toning and exercising.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique – often called ‘tapping’. This is a taught technique that will assist you at times of stress, anxiety, or when you feel you need a little more energy, positivity, or even courage to tackle something. Tapping on specific acupoints is accepted as a way to clear negative energy blockages that prevent positive action.

Djembe workshops:

Drumming is a fabulous way to let go of tension. No musicality is required for these workshops, they are fashioned to give participants fun, and give a sense of release and relaxation.

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