Living on the Veg!

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Living on the Veg!

Jane from Country Practice writes about saving money on energy bills by making small changes to the way we cook, and shares a couple of her favourite simple recipes to try this winter.

Save on energy bills this winter

The focus is on energy saving this winter. Batch cooking and preparing meals in the slow cooker is one way to cut energy costs, with slow cookers using only a small amount of power.

The question of electricity cuts is also in our minds, and batch cooking does require freezing. If there is an electricity cut, don’t open the freezer. Leave the door closed even after supply has been resumed for at least half a day. This way you will not lose the integrity of things stored within it.

Another way to cut costs is to eat raw. Again, I have been investigating how interesting meals can be put together that require little or no cooking.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be jotting down some things that I have tried and tested and hope that they prove helpful and enjoyable to you.

For now, here’s a couple of recipes that I really enjoy.

Basic Veggie Casserole

By using the following ingredients and cooking in my slow cooker, I filled 4 700ml storage boxes.


· 1 x turnip

· 1 x pack Puy lentils

· 4 x small onions

· 1 x fennel bulb

· 6 x medium carrots

· 1 x can of chickpeas

· 1 x mushroom stock pot

· 1 x mushroom stock cube

· 1 x veggie stock cube

· Chopped tarragon or a good sprinkling of dried

· Good sprinkling of dried marjoram

· Touch of salt and pepper to your taste

· Enough water to cover the content of the cooker


Just peel and cube the turnip, carrots and onions. Slice the fennel until happy with size. Pop everything into the slow cooker, set on high, check every now and again, and when the carrots are to your liking, turn off.

If you want to put this on before going to work, put on a medium setting and leave.

This makes a hearty casserole that can be served with mashed potatoes or a chunk of interesting bread to dip and enjoy.

If you add potatoes to the casserole, please remember that they will soak up the fluid more quickly and allow for this.

If you have fluid left, this can be put in ice cube trays and frozen to become the basis of stock another time.

Simple Okra

Okra is a delightful little vegetable that has a runner bean and pepper taste.

I haven’t given quantities because you need to assess what you need, depending on how you will have this recipe. It makes a fantastic addition to a pick-n-dip meal, it can be a main with other things, so a Mezze style meal, or a cheeky treat.


Slice the okra and place in a dish with finely chopped garlic. Then add chopped tomatoes and set to one side. You can either use fresh tomatoes or a tin of chopped tomatoes, either will be great but fresh is always best. Place slivers of goats cheese amongst the dish and pop it in the oven for a few minutes to warm through, it tastes sublime!

You can eat this hot or cold, and additional toppings to enhance the flavour could be chives, marjoram or rosemary. Enjoy!

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