Information Technology v Generation Gap!

Yesterday I felt exhausted and completely downcast. For the 45 minutes it took me to drive home I was consumed with a feeling of failure and utter fatigue.

Why? My first attempt at posting a Blog looked nothing like the beautiful masterpiece I had produced earlier. Gone were the pictures. Skin type tables that made everything so clear disappeared leaving behind disjointed sentences that bore no resemblance to the original.

It sits on the site, exhibiting everything that makes a Blog bad news, amateur and difficult to read.

Well, I have all the professional expertise to deal with this don’t I? Highly trained, full of strategies and techniques to make life easier. I do this everyday on a one to one basis. I know that feeling as I did could have been controlled. It was a decision to let such a thing make me feel like a complete idiot.

What wonderful technique did I employ? I swore, I felt stupid and I wrapped my misery around me so that I could really get the most from it.

This morning I decided that I’d keep a clear head and give the job to someone who knows what they are doing. I shall type away for a while so that I can get the feel of this social media and information technology stuff but the fact of the matter is why would I be good at something that is not, as it is to younger generations, second nature? Why does it matter that I cannot do this when there are other things that I can do very well.

It is good to push oneself, to ‘grow’ and develop. However, it is also a good lesson to learn or be reminded of that challenges should be picked to bring out the best in us and sometimes handing a job to someone better equipped to do it is the best course to take.