Dog and Me

November 25th, 2022 Posted In: Uncategorised

Jane from Country Practice shares some exciting news and introduces the Dog and Me journey.  

Dog and Me

I’m getting a puppy. Probably the Thursday after Christmas. I am very excited! 

Sad farewells

My beloved Jasmine had to be put to sleep on Christmas night 2021. This beautiful dog had been part of my life for thirteen years, she knew me inside out, read me completely and always understood my ramblings.  She’d sit patiently until I’d finished and answering every question with kindness in her eyes, and wisdom only a dog can convey. 

Fostering guide dogs

Recently I saw an advertisement for guide dog foster parents and applied. After the ‘vetting’ process, I have been accepted and my training will soon begin. Words cannot express my excitement.  

It all began with me filling in a form. Then came an interview and after that a visit to meet me and assess the suitability of our home. It is all done very nicely but make no mistake, it is a subtle grilling, and rightly so. The question I have been asked by those who know me is how on earth am I going to be able to give this dog back in a year to fourteen-months’ time. Of course, I know that it will be a wrench. We will have bonded and made our own history together. However, I feel that if I approach this as it is not my dog but my responsibility for a period, I am confident that I will be able to let go when the time comes. 

However, I decided to put the question of parting to the Puppy Development Advisor, and she explained that the training is such that when the time comes both dog and foster carer know it is time to move on. These are working dogs and need stimulus and purpose and the training process prepares us both for the inevitable parting. 

Follow our progress

I’m going to write about the adventures of dog and me, and hope that you will enjoy reading about our progress throughout our time together. 

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Please note this isn’t a photo of Jane’s dog which hasn’t arrived yet – although it’s bound to be just as cute!