Chartered Complementary Therapy Training School

Private training offers the facility of flexibility. Your course will commence on an agreed day and will be fully discussed prior to commencement to ensure that it works comfortably around your lifestyle, taking you towards your qualification without unnecessary stress.

All courses offered are VTCT accredited, comprehensive and lead to qualifications that will equip you for your career. Courses are to National Occupational Standards and, indeed, go way beyond as we are keen to share our experience and expertise.

We believe that to learn in an environment that is relaxed and nurturing not only encourages the learning process but enables you to achieve without feeling any strain. This is particularly important if returning to study after a period of time. Therefore, all courses are carefully mapped and delivered to engender confidence, encourage and enthuse.

By the end of one of our courses you will be a confident, competent, professional therapist able to join the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), register with the Accredited Voluntary Register which is the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA) and join the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Every course incorporates the following:

  • The history and development of the course subject
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Client care and communication
  • Principles of good practice and business management
  • Providing the treatment

Training days usually run from 10am – 5pm although we are happy to discuss other options should they be required.

All training takes place in the training studio attached to our working practice situated in beautiful, tranquil surroundings in Faversham, Kent. This is an added advantage when learning as all therapists are keen to share their experience and knowledge and it gives the opportunity to offer interesting case study subjects so you are not required to bring ‘models’ and all paperwork is supplied. If you wish to purchase an anatomy and physiology book, we will advise you of the book to purchase, but alternatively we are happy to loan all necessary books and provide work packs.


No previous experience necessary.
You will learn all the classical massage movements and soft tissue release techniques.
Course duration – 10 training days and 1 Assessment day
Course price: £1,200 (£400 non-refundable deposit)
This course also involves home study. You will need to complete all outcome requirements prior to full qualification. We help you with this by providing clear information and planned work designed to give you all relevant knowledge and information.


You will already have a massage qualification to be eligible for this course.
Aromatherapy is a treatment rather than a ‘massage’. Beautiful, classical movements and the use of essential oils bring about a feeling of wellbeing as the synergy of the therapists hands and oils encourage deep relaxation.
Gaining a knowledge of essential oils, their appropriate use and efficacy makes this an extremely interesting course.
The course is delivered over six days with home study to reinforce outcome requirements. You must anticipate this course taking four to six months as blending and an understanding of oils researched and used must be exhibited.
Course price: £1,800 (£500 non-refundable deposit)

Pre-blended oils Aromatherapy

You will already have a massage qualification to be eligible for this course.
This is an interesting one day course that covers the appropriate use aromatherapy blends. Not just limited to the pre-blended oils, essential oils, their extraction, history and efficacy will also be discussed.
Using pre-blended oils is a safe, efficient and cost effective way of offering aromatherapy treatments.
£125 (£40 non-refundable deposit)

Stone Therapy Massage

You will already have a massage qualification to be eligible for this course.
Working with hot and cold stones enables the therapist to provide either a treatment that addresses specific physical needs (stress, sports) or treatments designed to relax at the deepest level.
An intensive and rewarding two day course.
£250 (£75 non-refundable deposit)

Indian Head Massage

This treatment helps to restore balance to mind and body. You will learn both sitting and prone techniques. Home study will help consolidate learning and give greater understanding about this interesting treatment. You will need to do case studies prior to final assessment and to achieve your qualification.
Three days of thorough training will equip you to perform this truly holistic treatment.
£390 (£90 non-refundable deposit)


If you think of the feet as a microcosm of the whole body you will learn how to map and work on them to bring about balance and relaxation.
An absorbing therapy incorporating twelve training sessions and case study work together with external case studies. You should allow four to six months to complete this training as case studies must be undertaken. This course requires you to perform one hundred documented hours on the feet. Although this may seem daunting the interest stimulated by this therapy and our tried and tested method of training makes it a stimulating and fascinating journey to completion.
£1,500 (£400 non-refundable deposit)

Thermal Auricular Therapy

This course incorporates the basic use of ear candles with massage techniques designed to assist sinus drainage and bring about a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. An intensive and interesting day.
£155 (£75 non-refundable deposit)

Refresher courses

If you qualified some time ago but went on to work in another field, we offer refresher days to enable you to start working with your therapy again.
The days are packed full of interest and practical work designed to reinstate your knowledge and engender confidence. So if you have any of the following qualifications and would like to refresh:
Massage, Stones therapy, Thermal Auricular, Reflexology, Indian Head
£75 per day
10 CPD points

Holistic Facial

A day dedicated to the head, neck, shoulders and face.
Using sublime products, introducing different techniques to facilitate relaxation at the deepest level whilst only working on this area.
A truly holistic approach that looks at why and how the whole body can feel as if it has been massaged as you gently work over relevant points.
L3 Beauty Diploma or L3 Massage qualifications required for this day.
£195 (£65 non-refundable deposit)
20 CPD points